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I wanted to thank you for your assistance with my recent trip to Paris, Brussells, and Stresa with my Mom. Everything went as planned and we had a wonderful trip. I truly appreciate your assistance and guidance.

-Ellen R.



Almost Too Easy    posted 4/11/2014 (updated 4/14/2014)

Arranging our honeymoon through Lori’s Travel Service was almost too easy. Working with Lori she helped us select a location, pick a resort, settle on rooms, and booked our flights.

We had never really traveled anywhere and didn’t know where to start, but Lori did. She was aware of what countries would be in the rainy season, where it might be unbearably hot, what countries weren’t that great to be traveling in and so much more. Also, since we’d be traveling in March she kept us away from places known for Spring Break.

Lori never pressured us to choose a place, gave us ample information on resorts, and time to think things over. She was able to work within our budget without making us feel cheap or pushing us to spend more. She found a wonderful adults only all-inclusive resort for us in Mexico and got us there with only one connecting flight.

Overall our experience with Lori was amazing. She or someone else was always there to answer our calls or emails at almost any hour. She was continuously telling us to call her for whatever reason at any hour, especially once we left on our trip. She is fully dedicated to her job and takes your pleasure and trip needs very seriously. She comes highly recommended by myself and my family who has also used her in the past with fantastic results.


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Thank you so much for all your help over the years, especially everything you did for us this past trip! It ended up being the best vacation we have had.

-Jeff & Linda




We did finally get out of Chicago last night , but we all sort of felt like a mouse sneaking across the kitchen floor with a piece of cheese while the cat’s napping on the counter top. As expected there were many delays, including finally having everyone deplane after about 2 and half hours because the baggage conveyor had frozen in place still attached to the plane and they could not get it removed. However they finally got it straightened out and we all re-boarded and made it to Evansville about 11 pm. So everything is good, we all finally connected with all of our baggage today and I would just like to express our appreciation on behalf of all three of us.

- Tom B.



Dear Lori, to say that we could not be more grateful to you for literally saving the day for us when we got stuck in Philadelphia would be a complete understatement. Your cool, calm getting us into a nice, clean hotel for the night and then working total miracles to get us home this afternoon was AMAZING! -Judy and John G.


Thank you for all of your help with our honeymoon. Hawaii was amazing and we will never forget it!

-Sarah and Joe



Dear Lori and Staff,

Thank you for all the work you did to make our vacation perfect. The cruise and Rome were amazing. Thanks for the towels , I managed to squeeze them into my suitcase.

-Donny and Norma Jean



To Lori,

Thank you for all your help. You & your crew are simply the best!!!




Love Lori's Travel Service! Great service and meets all of my travel needs!

Sara F.



Great service, whereever I am in the world, in any situation at any time she figures out how to get me home.

Peter D.



Lori and her girls go the extra mile!! Superb travel company, I give it 6 stars!


Debra W.



I wouldn't trust my travel needs with anyone else, Lori is wonderful!


Dana S.



The awesone deals, outstanding customer service and peace of mind you get from using Lori's Travel is priceless.


Joe D.




If you want the best, you've come to the right place. Natalie is hands-down the travel guru I trust. A wealth of knowledge, guidance and direction, even for people who are all over the map, like my wife and I. It's the travel "stuff" you won't read on a TripAdvisor or magazines that she delivers, making your vacation a memorable one. Bravo Natalie! Highly recommended.  

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